Cleanliness is important in any business, and critical in foodservice. Keeping a well-stocked janitorial supply is essen...
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Cleanliness is important in any business, and critical in foodservice. Keeping a well-stocked janitorial supply is essential in helping staff maintain proper conditions in the kitchen and elsewhere.


For restaurants, hotels, and offices, it's important to have a selection of the right brooms and sweepers to handle the job. Heavy duty sweepers are great for outdoor spaces and kitchen floors, while a carpet sweeper is best in the dining room. Get the size and style you need to maintain your floors.


Proper cleaning supplies help you maintain required sanitation, and make your guests feel safe and welcome. For everything from general cleaning to degreasers, get the chemicals you need in the proper quantity to keep your establishment ship shape.

Floor Signs

When there is a hazard on your kitchen floor, you must alert everyone who may come in contact with it. Bright, eye-catching floor signs do just that. Available in rigid plastic or pop-up fabric, floor signs are available with a number of warning in both english and spanish.

Griddle Cleaning Supplies

Power away grease and burnt-on food with a full selection of griddle cleaning supplies. With scrapers and polishing pads, you can keep your griddle crystal clean and keep turning out delicious foods.

Light Bulbs

Lighting plays an important role in any business. Incandescent and flourescent bulbs add the right amount and quality of light to a room. While heat lamps and appliance bulbs work with your food production equipment.


In kitchens and bars, where water and grease can be a hazard, it is important to protect employees from slippery floors with commercial floor mats. Anti-fatigue mats are a good option for employees who are on their feet all day. Available in a range of materials, sizes, configurations, and colors, you can find the right options for any application.

Mopping Supplies

Buckets, mops, and mop wringers are the key to clean floors. Buckets come in different sizes, and colors for distinguishing intended cleaning puposes. Wet mops and dry mops both help keep floors clear of debris. Wet mop wringer buckets have easy to use handles, and separate clean and dirty water compartments.

Restroom Supplies

Keep private and public restrooms fresh and well stocked with a full range of supplies. From hand dryers to air fresheners, have the needed restroom essentials on hand.

Tissue/Towel Dispensers

Whether you are looking for a traditional C-fold towel dispenser or an automated motion sensor dispenser, your paper towels will be easily accessible, allowing your guests a pleasant experience.

Trash Supplies

In the dining room, kitchen, restroom, and office, the right trash receptacle is a necessity. Available in a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your needs. Larger cans easily be moved using a trash can dolly. Keep cigarette waste out of sight with an attractive outdoor receptacle.